• AA Cars Standards

AA Cars Standards

We are extremely proud to be part of the AA Cars Standards!

  • AA Cars Standards

What It Means to Be an AA Approved Dealership

Being an AA Approved Dealership signifies that a car dealership has met the stringent standards set by the Automobile Association (AA), one of the UK's most trusted motoring organizations. Here’s what this endorsement means:

High Standards of Quality and Service

- Rigorous Inspection: AA Approved Dealerships undergo a thorough inspection process, ensuring that the vehicles and services provided meet the highest quality standards.

- Reputable Practices: These dealerships adhere to best practices in sales, customer service, and aftercare, ensuring a trustworthy buying experience.

Comprehensive Vehicle Checks

- Multipoint Inspection: Vehicles sold by AA Approved Dealerships are subject to comprehensive multipoint checks, covering essential components such as the engine, transmission, brakes, and electrical systems.

- History Check: Each vehicle undergoes a detailed history check to ensure it is free from outstanding finance, has not been written off, and has no discrepancies in its mileage.

Customer Confidence and Peace of Mind

- Warranty Option: As an AA Approved Dealerships we offer warranties on their vehicles, providing added protection against unexpected repairs and enhancing buyer confidence.

- Transparent Sales: Clear and honest communication is a hallmark of AA Approved Dealerships, with transparent pricing and detailed vehicle information provided to customers.

Professional Standards

- Trained Staff: Sales and service staff at AA Approved Dealerships are trained to deliver exceptional customer service and knowledgeable assistance throughout the buying process.

- Aftercare Support: These dealerships offer robust aftercare support, ensuring customers have access to maintenance and repair services when needed.

AA Dealer Promise

Being AA Approved means adhering to the AA Dealer Promise, which includes commitments such as:

- Providing a minimum of six months MOT on all vehicles

- Offering a free vehicle history check

- Ensuring all vehicles are free from major mechanical faults

- Supplying clear and accurate vehicle descriptions

- Ensuring that all cars come with a road test

Benefits to Buyers

- Trust and Reliability: Purchasing from an AA Approved Dealership gives buyers confidence in the vehicle’s condition and the dealership’s integrity.

- Quality Assurance: Rigorous inspections and history checks mean you’re getting a reliable car.

- Peace of Mind: Warranty options and clear aftercare support provide added security and convenience.

Choosing an AA Approved Dealership means you are buying from a reputable and reliable source that meets the high standards set by the Automobile Association. It ensures quality, transparency, and peace of mind, making the car-buying process smoother and more secure. Look for the AA Approved Dealership badge as a mark of trust when purchasing your next vehicle.

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